The Best of Nifty

and the Net - 2023


Nifty Archives® is a great resource for those seeking Gay Erotic Fiction.  The quality of the stories varies widely, however, and The Best of Nifty list was set up as a readers' guide pointing to some of the best stories posted at Nifty.  It has since been expanded to include other sites where excellent stories can be found.  Some sites carry revised and polished versions of stories originally posted on Nifty®. We hope this list adds to your enjoyment of reading on the Web.

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Short Stories


Author Sites
8th Grade Cole Parker Awesomedude
(The) Americanization of Alex S. Merkin Awesomedude
At the End of the String Simon Jimenez Awesomedude
Almost Normal Jason Carter Nifty
American Cupcake T. Scott Faulkner (Surrender 726) Nifty & AwesomeDude
Becoming a Father Frodo Nifty
Brown-Eyed Boy Savoir Faire Nifty
Cerebral Bisexual Billy Burrew Nifty
Come With Me Douglas AwesomeDude
The Damage Done Menzoberranzen Gay Authors
Danger Boy Savoir Faire Nifty
Dark Angel Savoir Faire Nifty
Der Cowboy Tragic Rabbit Nifty & Tragic Rabbit
Do You Remember When You Colored the Sky Orange Grasshopper iomfats
First Edition Buck Man Nifty
Find Your Own Way Savoir Faire Nifty
Giving Up A Friendly Face Gay Authors
Hey Dude Maniac Nifty
In the Blink of an Eye Grasshopper iomfats
Inmate # 1432556 ds elliot Nifty
It's A Brit World, Mate (Collection) David MacMillan AwesomeDude
Just Out of Reach Comicality Nifty
Jamie and Sam Jack Rowan Nifty
Jordan's Story Joel Nifty & AwesomeDude
Larry of Arabia Ricardo Cabeza Nifty
Life After Burke Ruthless Nifty
Little Raindrop Ieshwar Gay Authors
Lucky Strike Hit Parade - 1941 Tragic Rabbit Nifty & AwesomeDude
The Meaning of Living DaBeagle DaBeagle
Memories Chris Johns Nifty
On The High Plains of Wyoming Cole Parker AwesomeDude
One Moment of Perfect Beauty Savoir Faire Nifty
A Quarter For a Kiss WinterImage Nifty
Running Far Afield Libby Drew Gay Authors
Shout It Out Lugh Gay Authors
Some Dumb Surfer Dude Savoir Faire Nifty
Some Enchanted Evening Tragic Rabbit Nifty & Tragic Rabbit
Son of a Preacher Man Luz Rojo Nifty
Spying on My Brothers Joel Nifty & AwesomeDude
Taming the Phobes Joel Nifty & AwesomeDude
Valentine's Day Cole Parker iomfats
What Ya Doin' in the Dumpster Grasshopper iomfats
Whipers from the Past Grasshopper iomfats
Whoa Dude Maniac Nifty
Xenophillia Mihangel Nifty


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