The Best of Nifty

and the Net - 2023


Nifty Archives® is a great resource for those seeking Gay Erotic Fiction.  The quality of the stories varies widely, however, and The Best of Nifty list was set up as a readers' guide pointing to some of the best stories posted at Nifty.  It has since been expanded to include other sites where excellent stories can be found.  Some sites carry revised and polished versions of stories originally posted on Nifty®. We hope this list adds to your enjoyment of reading on the Web.

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Author Sites
A Canterbury Tale Freethinker Nifty & AwesomeDude
A Special Place Trilogy Sequoyah Nifty & AwesomeDude
  A Special Place    
  Concord Five, The    
  Oberlin Five, The    
Absolute Convergence John Yager Nifty
After We Danced Mark Peters Nifty
Aladdin's Awakening Joel Nifty & AwesomeDude
Alien Culture Rio Mack Nifty
Allenwood/Red Squared Chrismac1787 Nifty
All American Rent Boys JT Michcock Nifty
All Lost Things Josh Aterovis Nifty
Alone / Together D S Nifty
Alpha Male David Buffet Nifty
Always Joey Adelhart H Nifty
Ambush Evan Bradley Nifty
An Empty Grave Bowden Nifty
Angel and Demon Scorpio Nifty
The Angel of Pie Jesu The Storyteller Nifty
Aurora Tapestry John Ellison Nifty
Avery's World Rahven Nifty
Babying Reuben Java Biscuit Nifty
Back To The Playground Java Biscuit Nifty
The Barber Who Got Under My Skin Damian Nifty
Barton Hardwick W Rose Nifty
Basketball Jock and Prof Cosmic Charlie Nifty
Barry Saga, The Janus Znaiu Nifty
Beyond the Rain Grasshopper IOMFATS
Billie Joe's Journal Rick Beck Nifty
Bleeding Hearts Josh Aterovis Nifty
Boy at the Wedding Jerry Fell Nifty
The Boy from Sweden About a Boy Nifty
Boy In A Pink Box Java Biscuit Nifty
The Boyfriend (excerpt) Keith Morrisette AwesomeDude
Boys of Aurora John Ellison Nifty
Brief Encounters Tom Nifty
Bright Things Come to Confusion Josh Aterovis Nifty
Buy Me a Drink A Friendly Face Gay Authors
Cairo Holiday John Venn Nifty
Caught in the Lower School Bogs Solsticeman Nifty
Centennial Park Freethinker Nifty & AwesomeDude
Christopher Answers Ed Swanky Nifty
Chronicles of an Academic Predator Mark Arbour Nifty
A Class by Himself Comicality Nifty
Colby Trilogy - Brody Comes Home, A Writer's Romance, Justin's Rock Tim Mead crvboy
Columbus Avenue John Yager Nifty
Construction Days Lavender Quill Nifty
CONTROL and KAOS David Buffet Nifty & AwesomeDude
Copier Guy Ardveche Nifty
Corbusier Java Biscuit Nifty
Courage and Passion FreeThinker Nifty & AwesomeDude
Count Oskar Michael Arram AwesomeDude & crvboy
Cupid Ruthless Nifty
Curious Set of Misfits Free Thinker Nifty
Dancing To The Music of Their Hearts Nick Turner Nifty & AwesomeDude
Daniel and JD Rimshot Nifty
Darien's Tears David Lemmarie Nifty
Dark Prince Dave MacMillan Nifty & AwesomeDude
Daniel and JD Rimshot Nifty
Darkfall Grasshopper IOMFATS
David and Tristan Derek Zieman Nifty
David's Initiation Draginacht crvboy
Desert Dropping Dom Luka Nifty & Gay Authors
Different Zippy Nifty
Discovering Gregory Rick Beck Nifty
Do What You Can Jason Calme Nifty
Dominated by Doug Percxyz Nifty
Don't Wanna Be Lonely Tonight Tim Mead crvboy
Dreamchasers Grasshopper IOMFATS
Dumb Horny Jock CJ Nifty
Easter Rugger Tours Joel Nifty & AwesomeDude
Educating Alex Ardveche Nifty
Eighth Grade Cole Parker Nifty
Elfin Ricardo Cabeza Nifty
An English Teen, Circumcised in the USA Riley Jericho Gay Authors
Everybody's Wounded Duncan Ryder AwesomeDude & GA
Eric Hidden12 Nifty
The Exile M Patroclus Nifty
A Father's Love Fisher Boy Nifty
Fifteen Pijito52 Nifty & AwesomeDude
Finally Home Smith Nifty
Finding Family Jeff Allen crvboy
Flack Bait Willy B Nifty
Flight At Peenemünde Dave MacMillan Nifty
Flip Willy B Nifty
Flip's Tale Joel Nifty & AwesomeDude
Foley-Mashburn Saga Brew Maxwell crvboy
For Dress A Tattoo Andrej Koymasky Nifty & AK Site
For The Love Of Pete Dewey Nifty
Forever On A Tree Joey Gumb Nifty
Forge Friends Romantisizer Nifty
Foxwood Chronicles Free Thinker Nifty & AwesomeDude
Fraternity Memoirs John Walsh Nifty
Free To Good Home Java Biscuit Nifty
Friends & Lovers Tinnean Nifty
Games at Deauville Dave MacMillan Nifty & AwesomeDude
Gang of Five Douglas AwesomeDude
The Garden Nevius AwesomeDude
Getting A Life Jamie Anderson Nifty
Goldfinch Andrej Koymasky Nifty & AK Site
Gone from Daylight Comicality Nifty & Gay Authors
Groovy Kind of Love John Francis Nifty & AwesomeDude
Growing Pains Dan Nifty
Growing Up Denying I Was Gay Brad Healey Nifty
The Gunroom Mark Arbour Gay Authors
Harry Composer Nifty
Heart of the Tree Graeme AwesomeDude
Here There Be Dragons Keith Morrisette Nifty
Here's Looking At You, Kid Douglas AwesomeDude
Holding On For Dear Life The Alienist Nifty
Holiday Backwoodsman Nifty
I Can See Clearly Now Fisher Boy Nifty
The Interviewee Cepes LA Nifty
Island Summer Jack Rowan Nifty
Jagged Angel John Francis Nifty & AwesomeDude
Jake's Hand / Jake's Side R.E.-C. Nifty
James Traveller_1141 Nifty
Jim and Jimmy Greg Bowden Nifty
Joe College JPM Nifty
John's Trilogy Woodjoh Nifty
Jeet Josh Nifty & AwesomeDude
Juan Felipe Ricardo Cabeza Nifty
Just Hit Send Grasshopper IOMFATS
Kayden I and II, Zac and Kayden Ryan Keith AwesomeDude
Kenny Charlie Nifty
Kim's Story Rickdog Nifty
King Of Sitges Andrej Koymasky Nifty & AK Site
Kip Daniel Self Nifty
Knights Of Aurora John Ellison Nifty
Laika EleCivil AwesomeDude
Lairds Son Jamie Scott Nifty
The Least of These Josh Nifty & AwesomeDude
Leaves and Lunatics EleCivil Nifty & AwesomeDude
Lem Milos Nifty
Let the Music Play cjames Gay Authors
Letter Club Jocktime Nifty
Lifeguard Orin Rush Nifty
Light from Darkness Michael Garrison Nifty
The Light in Your Eyes Tinnean Nifty
The List Jonathan Wolf Nifty
The Log Way Dom Luka Nifty & Gay Authors
Lost Ball Aardvark Nifty
Love Is Blind David Nifty
Love Song Romanticizer Nifty
Love on the Rocks Marcus McNally Nifty
Loving Andy David Lemmarie Nifty
Luckiest Summer Robin Eagleson Nifty
Magic in Your Touch Sara Bell crvboy
Mann of My Dreams Tinnean crvboy
Maria's Sons Roger Montanaro Nifty
Masquerade Josh Nifty & AwesomeDude
Matthew Figures It Out Ehman Penn Nifty
Maxim Elphberg Michael Arram AwesomeDude & CRV
Maxwell Thomas Project Eric Case Nifty
Me and Justin Dan R Nifty
The Mechanic Eastbayjag Nifty
Mike and Danny Series Rock Lane Cooper crvboy
  Friday Night Football    
  Blue Paint Special    
  Two Men in a Pickup    
  Mike & Danny Go to College    
  The Snowstorm    
  Straight Crush    
  Stuff Happens    
  Dog Days    
  In Love    
Mile High Willy B Nifty
Milking Duty Jason Nifty
Montgomery Hall John Yager Nifty
Moon In Your Eyes Coningsby Nifty
MOONWATCHING Sequoyah Nifty & AwesomeDude
More Fish In The River Feangol Nifty
Mountain Magic Sequoyah Nifty & AwesomeDude
My Bodyguard Bill Porter Nifty
My Carl Gary Q Nifty
My Debate Partner Joel Young Nifty
My First Year With Kevin Brew Maxwell Nifty
My Second Time Rory Nifty
My Teenage Heart Author22 Nifty
Mystery and Mayhem Joel Nifty & AwesomeDude
Never Alone Josh Aterovis Nifty
Never Too Far Away Jaden Nifty
New To This State Ardveche Nifty
Not Always Easy Kit Nifty
Nunc Dimittis Andrej Koymasky Nifty & AK Site
Oh Radio Tell Me Everything You Need Cy-kun Nifty
Ole George's Tale Jamie Anderson Nifty
One Moment of Perfect Beauty Savoir Faire Nifty
Operation College Quartrback Phoenix Nifty
Orchids In The Sun Lavender Quill Nifty
The Ordinary Us Dom Luka Nifty & Gay Authors
The Other Side of Me Dom Luka Nifty & Gay Authors
Panther In The Mist Rimshot Nifty
Paper Tiger Rimshot Nifty
Paternal Instincts Nick Archer Nifty
Paul & Adam Geekwriter Nifty
Paying the Piper Libby Drew Gay Authors
The Peacher Stories Michael Arram AwesomeDude, Nifty & crv 
  Blue Rainbow   crvboy
  Toward the Decent Inn   Nifty
  Terry and the Peachers   Nifty
  The Heart of Oskar Prinz   AwesomeDude
  The Chav Prince   AwesomeDude
  Henry and the Balance of Probability   crvboy
  Henry in the Outfield   AwesomeDude
  Henry in High Politics   AwesomeDude
  Henry in Finkle Road   AwesomeDude
  Son of the Chav Prince   crvboy
  After Alex   Nifty
  The Green Side   crvboy
  Henry and the Eschaton   crvboy
  The Regency   crvboy
Perspective Kit (none)
Phantom of Aurora John Ellison Nifty
Pocketful of Stars Nick Archer Nifty
Poor White Trash Scotty Nifty
The Prom Cole Parker Nifty
Promises to Keep Grasshopper IOMFATS
Pursuit of Happiness Romantisizer Nifty
Quartet Composer Nifty
Reap The Whirlwind Josh Aterovis Nifty
Reclaiming Austin William McBride Nifty
Red Devil Wrestler Mark Wild Nifty
Reservations Drew Filchak Nifty
Reston Eastbayjag Nifty
Rococo Beach Jocktime Nifty
Sam Ricardo Cabeza Nifty
Sea Change Josh Nifty & AwesomeDude
Sealing Our Fate Josh Nifty & AwesomeDude
Searching For A Son Wayne Patrick Nifty
Second Wind Mickey S Nifty
Secrets of Waldo FreeThinker Nifty
Short Game Rick Nifty
Simon's Story Teller of Tales Nifty
Snowy Whyte Graham Day Nifty
Someday Out Of The Blue LittleBuddhaTW Nifty & AwesomeDude
Song For Guy Mark Peters Nifty & Ponyboy's Place
Sons Of Morning Hawk Brady York Nifty
South African Love John Mathews Nifty
Southern Knights Daniel Lund Nifty
Starlight Reverie Java Biscuit Nifty
Story of Tim Jack Rowan Nifty
Story of Tol Jack Rowan Nifty
Storyville Julian Gregg Nifty
Suddenly That Summer Jon Kent Nifty
Tad's Story Lyndhurst Rutherford Nifty
Tango and Taz Rimshot Nifty
Teen Bully Chaz Hale Nifty
The Scholars Tale Mihangel Nifty
The Shack Twisted_dreemz Nifty
The Unnatural Archealogist Michael Arram crvboy
Three Weeks to Heaven Teglin Nifty
Tim Cole Parker Nifty
Tim Comes Home Nick Turner Nifty & AwesomeDude
Timber Pack Chronicles RobCub Nifty
Tossed Away Kid Bill Porter Nifty
Triptychs  Douglas AwesomeDude
Tristan's Redemption Nicholas Nurse Nifty & AwesomeDude
Truth Of Yesterday, The Josh Aterovis Nifty
Turn of Events T Storm Nifty
Tutoring Jerry Desertmac Nifty
Two Lives - Two Loves Michael Garrison Nifty
Two Distinct, Divisions None (11) Nimier Nifty
Unbreakable Faith vlista Gay Authors
Val 'n Tyne Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter Nifty
Varsity Tough Bart Hanks Nifty
Vermont Summer Jason Nifty
Victorian Romance Robert Cutter Nifty
W.A.R. Jeff Wilson Nifty
The Wardroom Mark Arbour Gay Authors
The Way You Say My Name Sara Bell crvboy
Weekend Away Teller of Tales Nifty
What Lies Within Rick Nifty
What We Are, 1 & 2 Richie Ryan Nifty
When Love Comes Jeff Allen Nifty
Why Me WebWorm Nifty
William Paul Jamison IOMFATS & Nifty
William Carter Saga Christopher Lydon crvboy
Wine Country Robert Cutter Nifty
The Wish Gee Whillickers AwesomeDude
Wizard of Solton Jamie Anderson Nifty
Working At The Club Steve Nifty
Working It Out Don Hanrady Nifty
Yankee The Zot Nifty
A Year in the Life SoQueer Nifty


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